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Order at the Border. The present situation at our Southern border is unacceptable. It is the product of the failure of both Democrats and Republicans to put aside their differences and work to solve this urgent issue.

But some would have us forget that immigration is at the core of America’s identity, or would have us lose our humanity in the enforcement of our laws.

As your Representative, Santos will:

  • Surge Federal Judges -not armies- to the border, to clear the backlog of existing asylum claims that bring certainty to immigrant claimants and expedite the removal of unqualified claimants
  • Support modernizing our land ports of entry and our security infrastructure, bolstering U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) vehicles and checkpoints, equipping our CBP agents with the technology and tools they need to better perform their duty and increasing their salaries to reduce attrition
  • Support stronger efforts upstream in the immigration routes, through collaborative enforcement partnerships in Central America, to reduce the volume of immigrants arriving at our border
  • Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform that brings undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and creates a path for their Legal Residency
  • Support Legal Residency status (Green Card) – based on merit – for DREAMERS, giving priority to those with higher educational degrees
  • Support naturalization of DREAMERS who have served at least 4 years in our Armed Forces
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