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A graduate of public schools, Santos Limon knows that education is an investment in the future of the Texas 23rd ̶ and our nation. Education was the key that opened many doors and opportunities in Santos’ life, and he will work to keep those doors open for the children of the 23rd District. All children—no matter where they live— deserve the same opportunities Santos received throughout his life.

As your Representative, Santos will:

  • Fight for Universal Pre-K for working families and affordable college education options that transform our High School graduates into the high-skilled, 21st-century workforce Texas needs to be competitive in our global marketplace.
  • Work to expand infrastructure and equipment funding to schools across the 23rd District, ensuring ample funding for underserved, low-income public schools.
  • Secure funds to add technology and security layers —like the 911 Good Samaritan tool— to our public schools, to better protect our kids from mass shootings
security camera in classroom